by Synthia Andrews, ND - Career Press, New Page Books
Many people are tuning in to the innate energy senses and enjoying the benefits of greater intuition, creativity and fulfillment. At the same time,
developing subtle energy skills can be elusive. The initial practice can be intimidating and sometimes scary. A mentor is someone who can
witness your inner wisdom and validate what you already know. Mentors support your journey and honor your path.  

People seek mentors for many reasons including help with: feeling energy, maintaining boundaries, finding center, using energy skills in daily life,
eliminating or understanding limitations, identifying limiting beliefs and patterns, removing energy attachments and thought forms, shifting old
emotional patterns and deepening connection to spirit. Mentors working with
The Path of Energy will not read your energy or tell you what
your experience should be. They will guide you in opening and trusting your awareness.

Are you wondering if recurring problems in your life might be the result of unresolved energy patterns? Email for a session and see
what energy awareness can do for you!

Sessions can be conducted in person or via Skype. It is suggested to make your initial appointment for one hour so that you can explain your
situation and goals. Follow-up appointments can be a quick check-in of 15 minutes, half- hour, or hour.  

COST: 1 hour - $150   1/2hour - $85    15 minutes - $50  Sessions can be arranged below and we will email you back on the email address
you provide Pay Pal to make the appointment. YOu can also contact us via the contact link for more information or to make anappointment
by phone.  

If you are interested in being part of an on-line mentoring community sharing daily dialog, weekly skill enhancement and monthly hangouts,
contact us for more information.
Synthia Andrews,ND is a naturopathic physician with thirty years experience as a massage and energy practitioner
specializing in the underlying emotional and spiritual components of health and healing. Through her practice she realized
that the body is a fully equipped vehicle for engaging energy reality. Understanding how to awaken this vehicle and
facilitate people’s energy path is her life work. She uses the techniques in the book
The Path of Energy personally, in
client sessions and in meditation groups.

For a full bio and list of credentials visit her clinic website at
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