By Synthia Andrews, ND - Career Press, New Page Books

Astral Projection: Out-of-body travel where your consciousness is projected to places outside the body.

Aura: The luminous field of subtle energy or life force that exists around all matter, living and non-living. It forms the energy template for material form.
Within the human aura are seven layers that connect each person to the seven different levels of spiritual reality. They are:
•        1st or Physical layer- maintains the template for the physical body, complete with the challenges and gifts; involved with pain and pleasure.
•        2nd or Emotional layer- holds the template for your emotional constitution, or how you handle emotional issues. Each emotion reveals itself as a  
different color, density and movement.
•        3rd or Mental layer- maintains your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and intentions which are seen as configurations of energy appearing in the Aura as  
three-dimensional, geometric structures.  
•        4th or Astral layer- the transitional layer of the Aura. While the first three layers manifest in the physical world, and the last three layers relate to
higher spiritual ideals, the astral layer is the bridge between them. It generates the frequency of love which opens the door to higher vibrational  realms.
Without love, there is no way to attract  spiritual frequencies.
•        5th or Etheric layer- the blueprint of the perfected human. It holds the ideal of health and function on the physical plane.
•        6th or Celestial layer- the seat of spiritual knowledge connecting us to higher understanding and wisdom. Here lies the realization that we are all one.  
Spiritual experiences often originate in this layer of the Aura, including the experience of unconditional universal love.
•        7th or Ketheric layer- deals with the underlying spiritual reality of nature and maintains the purpose and path of this incarnation. This layer receives
frequency from the highest spiritual plane.

Aura Cleansing: The Aura collects imprints (see Auric Imprints) that need regular or periodic cleansing By removing limiting imprints and replacing them
with higher frequencies. Cleansing rituals which can involve rattles, sage, copal, sound, or any input that shifts the energy into higher realms. A person’s
Aura, a room, an object or even an intellectual construct can be cleansed.

Auric Imprints: The Aura is electromagnetic in function and therefore tends to magnetically collects psychic imprints that vibrate with and amplify
specific frequencies. For example, frequencies of fear or anger can attract imprints that feed them and expand their ability to affect your thinking and

Brainwaves: Nerves function via electricity; when they fire they give off an electric charge. In the brain, this activity is measured By an
electroencephalogram (EEG) and measurements of an EEG are called brain waves. There are four main brainwave emissions; Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta
(with three additional subtypes). Each is associated with a specific type of awareness.  Techniques to alter brainwave activity open awareness to different
dimensional realities.
•        Beta brainwaves are associated with normal everyday activity; when we are in Beta states we’re awake. This is when most of our activities and
thinking processes occur.  
•        Alpha brainwaves are associated with deep relaxation, yet alert mental function.  Alpha is often associated with creativity and is useful for stress
•        Theta brainwave states are associated with deep internal awareness and are associated with dreaming and deep states of meditation.
•        Delta brainwaves are emitted primarily during sleep, however, they can also be associated with altered states of consciousness.

Ceremony: The act of creating sacred space and connecting with higher realms through ritual.

Chakras: Energy centers anchored in the physical body that guide our spiritual and psychological growth and development. There are seven chakras that
connect the seven layers of the Aura to the body and mind. The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk, and these energy centers are
often described as ‘spiraling vortexes’. There are hundreds of Chakras in the body, with seven main centers located along the spine.  Each one correlates
to a specific level of consciousness and stage of development which is expressed with an archetypal element, a color, a sound, a body function, and
more.  The seven levels are:
•        1st or Base Chakra-located at the base of the spine and governs physical survival, safety, security and finances.
•        2nd or Sacral Chakra- located below the belly button, governs sexuality, creativity and the creative aspects of finances.
•        3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra- located in the triangle made By the rib cage; governs personal power, will power, gut feelings, instinct and manifesting.
•        4th or Heart Chakra- located in the center of the chest; governs unconditional love and living By your principles.
•        5th or Throat Chakra-  located in the throat; governs communication and speaking you truth.
•        6th or Third Eye Chakra- located between the eyebrows; governs psychic perception, inner truth, and divine inspiration.
•        7th or Crown Chakra- located at the top of the head; governs the connection to spiritual reality and divine will.

Clairaudience:  The ability to hear psychic information and guidance.

Clairvoyance:  The ability to receive psychic information in the form of visions.

Coherence: A state in the study of wave phenomena where two or more waves are in phase with each other. Coherent waves amplify each other. When
people are in coherence with each other, they amplify each other’s energy.

Collective Consciousness (see Universal Consciousness).

Consciousness: The part of self that maintains awareness, connects with other awareness, and is our creative force.

Copal:  Incense resin from the Copal tree, used for sacred ceremony and inducing altered states of awareness.

Déjà vu: The experience of feeling that an event or conversation has happened before.

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT): A naturally occurring hormone produced By the human Pineal Gland, thought to induce altered states of consciousness.

Dowsing: The ancient art of seeking information, finding subtle energy, or locating unseen objects through the use of non-ordinary perception. Typically
involves the use of tools such as metal rods or pendulums and is considered a type of divination as it taps into higher consciousness or universal mind.

Empathic Ability:  Receiving psychic information By feeling what another person feels.

Empowerment:  Refers to increasing one’s spiritual strength. It’s the personal power of living authentically, the ability to stand in your essence before any
circumstance with clarity, integrity and awareness.

Endocrine System:  Consists of the endocrine glands and the hormones that they secrete. With the nervous system, governs the intricate coordination of
physiological functions.

Energy: See Vital Life Force.

Energy Awareness:  The conscious observation of the movement of subtle energy inside your body, between people or events, or in the landscape. As
you become aware of the movement of Subtle Energy, you may feel distinct sensations, have visions or feel an expansion. Feeling energy is different for
everyone. People can feel rushes, electric sensations, tingling, warmth, changes in perception, pressure, magnetic attraction, and an assortment of other

Energy Meditations: The practice of consciously moving energy in the body. Usually uses visualization practices with breathing techniques.

Energy Structures: Consist of the Aura, Chakras and Meridians. Together, they maintain the organization of our physical body, complete with emotions,
thinking patterns, and sensations. The easiest way to change a physical pattern, whether in our bodies or in our life circumstances, is to first change the
configuration of energy that is activated in our energy structures.

Entrainment:  The tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony or in synchronized rhythmic cycles. The classic
example is that of a room full of grandfather clocks. When first put together, the swinging of pendulums is random, however within a short period of
time, the swinging pendulums of all the clocks are synchronized and moving as one. Another example is the beating of hearts. When brought physically
close together, heart muscle cells, and the hearts themselves, begin pulsing together.

Fractal: Geometric shape that can be subdivided in parts, each of which is a smaller copy of the whole. The leaf of a fern is an example of a fractal.

Gaia Theory: Proposes that the planet functions as a single organism, maintaining conditions necessary for survival, and is a living entity with the capacity
to self regulate.

Geomancy: The art of working with Earth Energy. Can be used to site sacred buildings, for ceremony, to increase and amplify intent or for divination.

Gnosis: Psychic information received as direct knowing.

Hologram: A three dimensional representation of an object made when a laser records an image on a plate or film. Its unique attributes are each part
contains the information of the whole, such that if you tear a Hologram in half, you will have two smaller wholes instead of two halves of one whole.  
Holograms have changed how science views nature and consciousness. Each part of a hologram has access to all information contained in the whole.

Hypnogogic State: The altered state a person enters in the time between full wakefulness and sleep. Characterized By Alpha brainwaves.

Imprint: Residue of strong emotion left in the electromagnetic field of the Earth or in a person.

Intention: To hold in mind a purpose, plan, goal or aim. An intention gathers power when it is invested with the energy of emotion.

Integrity: The quality or condition of being whole and complete.

Intuition: The ability to receive information from the use of extrasensory perception.

Intuitive: A person who is able to receive information without the use of logic, reasoning or direct observation.

Karma: Translates simply as action, and is the Hindu belief that every action has a consequence. Good and bad Karma are the results of good and bad
actions. Through frequency and resonance, Karma sets up the conditions of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life. Karma was developed By the
experiences of our past incarnations and holds our purpose and path in this life. It changes during our life as we grow and develop.

Kundulini:  Spiritual Energy coiled in the base of the spine that rises up the spine and through the seven major Chakras as spiritual awakening occurs.
Causes discomfort and chaos when rising prematurely.

K’ul: The Mayan word for subtle Energy or Life Force which they see as flowing from the Divine.

Ley Lines: Pathways of subtle Earth Energy that supply the planet with life force and maintain harmony and balance. Can be detected through dowsing.

Lucid Dream: A dream where you’re aware in the dream that you are dreaming. Lucid Dreams usually reveal significant information for your life, answer
a question you have, or lead you in a better direction.

Mantra: A sacred, verbal formula repeated in prayer or meditation, such as an invocation of a deity, a magic spell, or a saying with mystical potentialities.

Mayan Calendar: Typically refers to the long count calendar that marks a Great Cycle of 5,126 years. The current end of the long count occurs on Dec
21, 2012 and marks not only the end of a Great Cycle, but the end of Grand Cycle of 26,000 years. It is the change from one Mayan age to the next, a
time of transformation marked By upheaval and destruction as the old is destroyed to make way for the new. The new Age is one of higher consciousness.

Meditation: The practice of quieting the mind and changing from one brain state to another. Meditation expands your awareness and intensifies focus
while allowing you to hear the deeper thoughts underlying the background clutter of your mind. The key to Meditation is the breath. Conscious breathing
promotes inner stillness and draws the mind more deeply into the body. With inner awareness, you can access your subconscious mind, connect with
your Energy structures, and assess the flow and vitality of your Vital Force.  The perception gained in Meditation connects you to what you truly feel and

Megalithic sites: Ancient structures made with Megaliths (large stones) arranged in geometric patterns, often circles, spirals, and pyramids, that
incorporate Sacred Geometry. Stonehenge, Avebury, the great pyramids of Giza, the Mayan Pyramids are a few examples.

Meridians: Part of our Energy structures, they are channels or pathways in the body that transmit the flow of Vital Life Force. They correspond to the
Ley Lines in the Earth.

Miasma: an energetic cause of chronic illness.

Morphic Field: The Energy Field that holds a record of everything learned from each member of a species, including humans. It allows for the passing of
acquired knowledge from generation to generation as everything learned or experienced By one is available to all through Resonance.

Paradigm: A set way of viewing reality based on shared assumptions, concepts, values, and practices.

Precognition: A psychic ability based on Gnosis, or direct knowledge that provides information about the future.

Popol Vuh:  Mayan book with the creation mythology translated after the Spanish Invasion By Mayan scribes and believed to be an exact translation of the
original Mayan.

Psychic Ability: The ability to receive information through extra sensory means. The information can’t be obtained through everyday intellectual pursuit.
Information may arrive as visions (Clairvoyance), voices (Clairaudience) or simply as "knowing" (Gnosis).

Quantum Hologram: A field that links all of creation, forming the interconnection of Matter, Energy, and Consciousness. All parts in a Hologram contain
the knowledge of the whole.

Remote Sensing: The ability to sense Subtle Energy information of a person, place or event at a distance.

Remote Viewing: The ability to view in your mind’s eye something at a distance, or an unseen target, using extra-sensory perception. The distance is
immaterial to the ability to Remote View. The United States Government set up the first secret team to use this ability after its proven effectiveness By
parapsychologists, Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff in 1974.

Resonance: Sympathetic vibration, or the transmission and amplification of Frequency within a field of Energy.

Reiki: A form of Energy healing that involves the use of symbols to shift an energetic frequency. It can be used for healing, clearing space, energizing an
intention, and so on.

Sacred Geometry:  Geometric designs and symbols that incorporate mathematical ratios found in nature with specific proportions and harmonics. Sacred
geometry is used in the building of churches, synagogues, mosques, megalithic sites, pyramids, and so on. The proportions entrain Energy in such a way
as to amplify basic harmonics.  

Sage:  A Native American sacred plant used in the practice of smudging, which is a method of cleansing the Energy Field of a person, place or object of
negative energies or influences (see Aura Cleansing). The smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as it clears, it takes the negative energy with it,
regenerating the energy and releasing it as energy, free of imprints (see Auric Imprints).

Schumann Resonance: The extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum, averaging around 7.8 Hz. It can spike
to 59 Hz and has been slowly raising over time.
Synchronicity: The experience of two or more unrelated events occurring together in a meaningful manner. Lets you know you are in the flow of life.

Thought Forms: A magnetic force in the Aura created through the combination of thoughts and intentions that are invested with emotion and belief. They
attract people, situations, events, and conditions. We create the conditions of our lives in every moment, with every thought we give energy to. The more
awareness we have of these natural energy processes, the more we can consciously create our circumstances and affect in the world.

Transmutation of Karma: The conversion of “bad Karma” into “good Karma”. In other words, once you’ve learned what you needed to, you’re no
longer tied to the condition you created.

Universal Consciousness: The aggregate, collective or unified field of the interplay
of all of the energies which make up all life.  It is the interweaving thread that joins all forms of human endeavor with all sentient and non-sentient

Vital Energy: Also called Subtle Energy, Vital Life Force, Chi, K’ul, and so on. It is the force that organizes, sustains, animates, and motivates life. It
nourishes every cell in the body, travels along Meridians and Ley Lines, and is present at all levels of consciousness. Although it is not consciousness
itself, it can be considered the vehicle of consciousness.

Visioning:  The ability to see in the mind’s eye people, places, events, intentions, different dimensional realities and so on. Some consider it a joining of
remote sensing and remote viewing.

Visualization: A technique that utilizes the meditative state of mind to create clear intentions By constructing images in the mind’s eye. Moving energy in
our mind’s eye moves energy in our body and aura, and interacts with energy in the universe.   Visualization initiates flow into the future we are choosing.

Yantra: Sanskrit word meaning instrument; used for symbols that entrain energy and/or raise consciousness.

Yin and Yang:  Two interrelated, mutually exclusive forces. They represent opposite polarities that together make a whole.